DareBoost Online Optimization Service Simplifies Offerings

DareBoost Online Optimization Service Simplifies Offerings

DareBoost is an online tool which analyzes webpage quality and performance. Just one click is needed to launch a full diagnostic.

DareBoost provides complete and customized reports, highlighting errors, possible improvements, and giving precise advice which guide the user step-by-step to solve the problems. Reports also include an overall page quality score, and scores by categories, including Performance, SEO, Compatibility, etc.

Tailor-Made Tips

DareBoost provides more than basic website analysis; DareBoost detects technologies used on websites, such as Apache, WordPress, Joomla, jQuery, and more than 500 others, and specific issues linked to these technologies, providing unique customized advice. In doing so, DareBoost eases maintenance of websites, especially regarding load time and user-experience, by assisting developers and webmarketing professionals.

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