An enterprise server is a computer containing programs that collectively serve the needs of an enterprise rather than a single user, department, or specialized application. Historically, mainframe -sized computers have been enterprise servers although they were not referred to as server s until recently. As smaller, usually UNIX -based servers and Wintel computers have become faster and have been provided with enterprise-wide program management capabilities, they also been referred to as enterprise servers. In this usage, an enterprise server is both the computer hardware and its main software, the operating system.

The only enterprise-class web server solution you need for large-scale websites and lightweight web applications

Your development team loves the flexibility of open source web software, like Apache and Tomcat. But as your company grows, it demands that you move to a more secure, more stable environment with the enterprise-level features you need to deliver large-scale websites and lightweight web apps.

The reporting system is only available for Enterprise Manager Consoles connected to a Management Server. Consoles running standalone only have access to the minimal reporting functionality that is available through the standard database management tools.

Enterprise Web Report Server Features:

Ease of use: the need for training should be minimal and the interface should be pleasurable to use

Ease of deployment: business users should need only a standard web browser to access the tool

Security: the application should work with established security mechanisms (e.g., LDAP)

Distribution: it should be easy for users to have reports emailed to themselves and to others

Scheduling: end users should be able to schedule future report runs (e.g., first Monday of each month)

Multiple formats:
users like to have options when exporting report data (e.g., XLS, PDF, CSV)

Availability: users want the reporting system available 24×7 (i.e., clusterability, scalability)

Ease of administration: it should be straightforward to set up and maintain the solution

the tool should have a well-structured and thriving community with a reasonable license