IT Consultation

Consult us for your IT needs to sustain your backbone or to grow your business.

IT Consultation

Are you fed up with computer and network problems that cause disruption and downtime when you just need to run your business?

At SilverLake Technologies, we understand the frustration and expense of unreliable computer systems, and the significance of downtime, because when your technology doesn’t work, your business doesn’t either.

SilverLake’s mantra is “Stabilize, Standardize and Improve.” A proven methodology to meet challenges and achieve goals is important to the productivity of any organization – and SilverLake has used this method to both efficiently and cost-effectively help organizations use technology to meet their overall business objectives.


We assess the present environment — and troubleshoot all systems to ensure they are stable and secure.

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We leverage best practices to craft a process that provides minimal reactive support. We create a workable maintenance and growth strategy designed to make technology a manageable process.

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We work with you to continually improve your information technology strategy – how you utilize technology and leverage data to improve and grow your business model. We work with you on an on-going basis as a trusted business adviser who can offer practical solutions to better manage your technology investment.

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